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Get What You Want Out Of Life Without Really Working For It! 

Hello You. 

You are here due to one of three reasons:

  • You aren't the person you want to be 
  • You don't have the results you want to have 
  • Your lack of mindset has caused you to be undisciplined, inconsistent and prone to procrastinate

And this is causing you to gain little to no progress towards your goals. 

That's fair, after all you've been living life the best you can with what you know.

But I must address this...

If you identify with one, two or all of the three reasons mentioned, it's clear you have no idea how to play the game of life. 

It seems to me like you've been living life based on what society tells you to do. 

Get a job 

Buy the house 

Cash in for the car 

Be just over broke at all times

Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals based on how much weight you're going to lose, how much money you want to make, how many followers you want on Twitter, how many brand deals you'll get on Instagram and DEPEND on these things to happen (even though all these things are out of your control).

Sure, it may seem like that is working for some people but you know it hasn't worked for you AT ALL.

You follow the blueprints and still get nowhere...

You build the right habits and still get nowhere...

You watch all the mindset videos on youtube and read every self-help book known to man and still get nowhere...

That's because you're treating your symptoms. 

Your lack of discipline...

Your lack of consistency...

Your proneness to procrastination...

Your inability to deal with your emotions...

Your lack of identity...

Your follower mentality...

Are all symptoms of a bigger problem. 

You haven't treated the root of your problems and that's why you've been static for long.

But everything you've been looking for is what you're about to discover reading Psychomentality! 

Emily Dyson - @themilydyson

Emily is all about that ENERGY being a seasoned Pinterest marketer earning thousands per month sending mostly free traffic to her various blogs. She has over 6,000 followers on Twitter and helps others take advantage of Pinterest too! 

War On Weakness - @waronweakness

War On Weakness is hell bent on breaking his followers from bondage so they can step into the same freedom he experienced when he left his 9-5. He has over 8,000 followers and helps people learn how to grow a profitable Twitter community. 

How You Thought Life Worked:

Complain about what you do have 

Set goals to get away from what you don't have 

End up with what you want eventually

Sound familiar? 

Unfortunately this is not how it works.

How Life Actually Works: 

Be grateful for what you do have 

Have unshakeable faith about what you want 

Move towards it with action 

Get what you deserve 

Becoming a Psycho was the best thing that ever happened to me

I went from jobless to having a booming online business in 3 months.


I ditched all the conventional ways to become successful and tapped into the minds of the worlds greatest psychos to uncover they were operating in a completely different way to the rest of human kind. 

They didn't set goals, they sought after new identities...

They were fearless...

They took action immediately...

They are able to live their dream lives regardless of their past, their backgrounds and predetermined paths...

So I adopted these new-found secrets and my life immediately changed! 

Before I struggled to get clients, now people are emailing, calling and messaging me to work with them and I'm declining them! 

Before my ideas were thoughts, now I'm getting paid to think...

Before I was inconsistent at almost everything but now I do what I have to do to get to where I want to go without even thinking about it...

Before I wasn't seen, now I have a network of powerful people...

Before I wondered whether I'd truly have an effortless successful business and in just 3 weeks of launching my new brand in June 2020, I made over £8k organically, zero paid advertising from complete strangers! 

...And I didn't even try, it just ALL happened because I now have a PSYCHOMENTALITY! 

In This 95 Page Book You'll Discover:

  • What secrets Psychos use to manifest everything they want out of life without even working hard for it (and how you can mimic these results in your life too)
  • How your thoughts are materialised into the physical realm (and why negative attitudes and thoughts cause you to have a crappy life)
  • How to take back control of your life (after letting life direct your journey for so long) 
  • How to reprogram your negative conditioning (do away with decades of negative programming you've soaked up from your surroundings)
  • Why money and success flows to people who barely focus on it (and how neediness is the key to killing your abundant future)
  • How focus creates attraction (how positive and negative thinking REALLY impacts your life)
  • How to become loyal to your future not your past (by letting go who you used to be and turning your focus on who you must become to achieve the results you desperately want) 
  • What manifesting truly is (and why affirmations, yoga and mediation will NOT work until you become aware of this
  • How to destroy your limiting beliefs (asking yourself 2 simple questions)
  • Why reliance on willpower is the quickest way to fail (and how mastering self-discipline is the secret all the results you yearn for)
  • Why setting goals are pointless and will not get you anywhere (but rather working towards identities is the only way to guarantee long term success)
  • Why seeing yourself in the 3rd person is the easiest way to getting far in life fast
& much more

Hear From Real Readers 

Collins - @Tangaceo

"Ama this is honestly an impressive piece of insightful and well though literature. I'm can't actually put it down, I'm scared to finish it too soon so I've started taking notes. I'll do three chapters per day to really take it in and apply it"

Josh - @JoshuaDecember

"Amazing Read! This is the reality check we all need, dropping some heavy game on financial/location freedom being able to travel and make money from your laptop! Ama’s book is a plan of action, to help achieve goals If you haven’t got this yet, what are you waiting for?"

Risk-Free Purchase & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied with this product, just send an email to or a DM on Twitter and explain your reasons for the refund request. 

I wouldn't want to you to receive a product that doesn't live up to it's value. 

If you've applied the principles over a length of time and haven't seen any results it's on me. 

Your Dream Life Awaits 

I understand the contains in Psychomentality is unordinary and is a completely new way of operating as a human being.

So even after you've read it there's only three things you could do. 

The first thing is do nothing and go about your life as you always have been producing the same results, making the same amount of money and seeing no change at all. But you wouldn't want to do that because you want things to be better...

The second thing you can do is go back to those old self-help books telling you to build better habits and stop procrastinating even though that hasn't worked for you one bit because you have fixed your problems at the core...

The final thing is you can soak up all 95 pages of this book which is purposely outlined to tackle every single problems you've dealt with that has held you back from where you want to be whilst providing you systems and insights to how to truly overcome them. So you can finally see fruit from all that hard work and materialise your perfect reality. 

The choice is yours...

So if you finally want to change and start living the life you've always wanted to live with ease get Psychomentality today. 

Click the I Want This button to get it!

  • Discover the secrets to attracting your dream life effortlessly

  • Size
    14 MB
  • Length
    95 pages
  • Discover the secrets to attracting your dream life effortlessly
  • Size14 MB
  • Length95 pages


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