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Are You 'Tired' Of Being Average? 

Break The Psychological Barriers Keeping You From Everything You've Ever Wanted.

Dear Friend,

You owe it to yourself to become the person you've always dreamed of being! 

Stop struggling to reach your goals.

Stop struggling to do what you ‘need’ to do consistently.

Stop allowing fear to dictate your life.

Stop procrastinating your success. 

There is a WAY OUT

I know this because not too long ago, I was you. 

Here's what I realised...

Motivation is a myth!

It doesn’t exist.

Motivation is just a short burst of energy that doesn’t last.

Motivation will not get you to your goals, only self-discipline will.


You’ve already proved this point with your life.

Most people struggle to maintain motivation, they struggle being consistent, they are paralysed with internal & external fears and ultimately give up…

And you might have experienced this yourself.

Motivation has never lasted for you to achieve the success you desire so badly deep, deep down.

Instead of learning from a battle-tested formula, you watch every YouTube video, listen to every podcast, read every dull book and try to overcome your psychological barriers without really understanding how success is truly born.

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading...

You have lofty dreams and big goals but unfortunately, you have no idea how to achieve them on your own...

Most people try to hit a home run with brand new businesses or ideas without even recognising the internal problems they have which block them from success in whatever they do.

And, frankly, I am sick of it!

I went through this same struggle and I cannot allow this to bog down aspiring entrepreneurs like it did myself for so long.

I refuse to just sit back and watch you suffer when I know I have the ultimate solution to unf*cking your biggest problem - YOUR MINDSET!

But, don’t just take it from me, listen to what satisfied MINDCRAFT reader, Lauryn has to say:

Lauryn @LauyrnSobers - "It’s been helping me so much and it helped me to realise how much of a battle I was having with my mindset and how much it was paralysing me and even though I’m not completely there yet, I’m taking steps to undo my negative thought process now that I’m fully aware of it so thank you so much for this."

You’re going to become an online business owner.

You’re going to travel the world.

You’re going to get a nice apartment.

You’re going to have a nice car.

You’re going to have a six-figure income (at least).

You’re going to give back to your parents.

You just need to build a bulletproof mindset first.  


  • If you want to achieve your lofty dreams/goals…
  • If you want to become more disciplined…
  • If you want to do the things you need to do consistently…
  • If you want to develop a bulletproof mindset…
  • If you want to attack your fears and not run away from them…

Then, wouldn’t you agree that understanding the systems that allow your mind to push you to achieve all these things are so, so important?

Just picture how your life will be transformed - once you are guided by a proven strategy...

You know those people who say they are going to do something, they become disciplined overnight and achieve everything they put their mind to.

I bet you’re jealous of them, heck even I am.

Picture the progress you will make when you can put your mind to this.

However, only a select few can forgo laziness so quickly.

This isn’t a quick-fix, fast-track product to success...

Rather, this is a guide that will help you create a daily system to tackle any goal no matter how big and help you craft a millionaire mindset that will transform your life.

Join over 300 readers who've lives have been transformed by this very guide. 

Just ask Kheri, who said...

Kheri @Kheri_xox - "Ama is making too much sense with MINDCRAFT. Sometimes you need that extra KICK. That person to give you the REALS. Check out the link and purchase your copy now, You WON'T regret it, trust me."

Kheri is taking control of her life with her brand-new crafted millionaire mindset.

Yet, most people still disregard the importance of developing the right mindset for the journey to success and that is why most people fail.

Thankfully, Tariq knew otherwise...

He wasn't able to accomplish anything because his mind wasn't in the right place. 

As a result of reading Mindcraft he lost over 6kg in 40 days. 

He identified his fears and actively built positive habits that were able to help him achieve his goals. 

That’s EXACTLY why I created the MINDCRAFT eBook...49 pages of pure value to cultivate a millionaire mindset within you.

Inside You’ll Get...

The Biggest Reason Why You Can’t Achieve Your Goals

REVEALED: The biggest reason why haven’t achieved any of your goals so far, and just how you can start knocking them down today

How To Become More Disciplined

Why discipline is SO Important (and why most people tend to overlook it)

Do you control your mind or does it control you? (find out the easiest way to take control of your mind and create your own reality)

Do Anything Consistently

A step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a daily system that leaves you with no choice but unreal success (and how to make every day enjoyable, too)

How to build hobbies and habits that make your pockets fatter (and make you smarter in the meantime)

The ‘battle-tested’ strategies to become decisive all the time (see how this single section will allow you to never be taken advantage of again)

How to develop stoic-like consistency (and use it to create rock-hard habits that will surely push you to level up)

How To Develop A Growth Mindset

Get 5 proven steps to building a growth mindset (which will come in handy when you experience adversities that make you quit)

How To Kill Your Fears

REVEALED: 5 fears that holding you back right now (and keeping you the opportunities, people and sales you need for your desired success)

Receive the simple yet powerful strategy to kill your fears in real life (allowing you to become fearless and do whatever it takes for you to achieve your dreams)

How To Attract Abundance Into Your Life

Get rid of your scarcity mindset using 6 simple secrets (and see how having a scarce mindset ruined your chances at success before)

EXPOSED: 3 reasons why your sour mindset has held stopped you from attracting money (see how your money situation once you get rid of these negative thoughts)

The secret to creating money (and how you’ve been blocking your money-making opportunities because you didn’t know this one thing)

UNLOCK 5 money practices that will have money flowing to you (once you start doing these five things, it’s impossible for you not to make money online).

Have a look at what Business and Mindset coach Mayfair MINDCRAFT had to say about MINDCRAFT…

Mayfair @Mayfair - "If you haven't got yourself a copy of Ama's Mindcraft then honestly you're playing yourself. Being a business and mindset coach I'm obsessed with reading mindset material but this is definitely one of the best guides I've read in terms of providing clear and actionable steps with the theory to back it!"

Get ahold of this - an exclusive look-in to the 4 bonus sections you’ll enjoy from Day 1...

✅BONUS (1) PRINTABLE #MINDCRAFTCHALLENGE (get the complete MINDCRAFT system hassle-free without having to scroll through the whole guide)

✅ BONUS (3) PRINTABLE MINDCRAFT SELF-CARE GUIDE (is a daily reminder of all the things you need to implement daily in order to achieve your version of success.
✅ BONUS (4) PRINTABLE MINDCRAFT AFFIRMATIONS (16 powerful affirmations at your disposable to remind you at any time you want to quit that your purpose is bigger than your current pain)

How Long Does It Take To Apply These Methods?

MINDCRAFT is a quick, straight to the point 49-page read!

Finish the guide within an hour and start to apply the strategies immediately. Trust me you will feel the results quicker than you think.

With the exact principles in this guide, I went from £0 to OVER £2,000 in a matter of weeks just by shifting my mindset and changing my daily routine.

Real Testimonials From Real People

Khadija @KKrushem - “My current read. Genuinely one of the most stimulating pieces I’ve read. Mind-Blowing. Give it a read ASAP guys!”

Tatiana - “Everyone needs to ready Mindcraft by Ama”.

Lizzie @Lizziebmedia - "This guide is SO good - Invest if you want to start your year right, on the path to success. So Much Goodness!"

Tariq @TariqPeters - "An Investment that will last a lifetime."

Chitala @Chitala_- “I’m loving this book. I don’t know if it’s because I was listening to meditation music as I read it but I really like this book. I feel like this book has come exactly when I need it. Thank you for writing it.”

Priscilla - “I really enjoyed this read! It was well-written and inspiring so I'm going to do the #MINDCRAFTCHALLENGE”

It's Now Or Never...

There are action takers and procrastinators.

There are entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.

Ask yourself: what will I be today?

If you’re ready to cultivate your millionaire mindset and profit thousands and thousands of dollars while doing so, click the "I Want This" button to secure your spot!

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